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The Golden Lotus

In early spring 1991, while on her lecture tour in the United States, Supreme Master Ching Hai responded to the Most Venerable Thích Mãn Giác's gracious invitation and visited Việt Nam Temple in Los Angeles. The two spiritual teachers, who were also poets, spoke about the beauty of Dharma practice and poetry. In this harmonious meeting, the fragrance of Zen permeated the air.


Although the highly respected Zen Master Mãn Giác has now returned to the True Source, his gentle spirit still remains. To share the legacy of his beautiful poetry, we invite you to listen to the recital of these verses in Free White Clouds through the melodious voice of Supreme Master Ching Hai. In addition, two of her own poems, "Golden Lotus" and "Sayonara," were dedicated to the Most Venerable Thích Mãn Giác.


In accompaniment with poetry recital is the performance by a renowned Aulacese traditional orchestra, such that each poem is infused with a uniquely Aulacese resonance. Through this treasured  collection, may the audience enjoy their journey on the sacred path toward Truth, Virtue and Beauty.

1.Đóa Sen Vàng The Golden Lotus

2.Bước Đi Footprints

3.Thiền Sư Zen Master

4.Tụng Kinh Reciting the Sutra

5.Vu Vơ Whimsical

6.Malibu Malibu

7. Hạt Cát A Grain of Sand

8.Tĩnh Tọa Meditation

9.Tỉnh Giấc Chiêm Bao Awakened from a Dream

10.Bất Diệt Everlasting

11.Hồn Châu Á Spirit of Asia

12.Những Người Đi Qua Those Who Passed By

13.Mây Trắng Thong Dong Free White Clouds

14.Vu Lan Đến Giữa Lòng Người Vu Lan in the Human Heart

15.Giọt Nước Đầu Ngọn Cỏ A Water Droplet on a Blade of Grass

16. Trăng Vẫn Trong Clear Still the Moon

17.Xuân Ở Phương Nào Where Is Spring Now

18.Đóa Hồng Cho Ai A Rose for My Beloved

19. Mơ Hoài Ngàn Năm Eternal Dream

20.Xuân Về Arrival of Spring

21. Đạt Đạo Attainment

22.Sayonara Sayonara

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