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The Jeweled Verses

In human languages, poetry can elevate our consciousness,a magical realm and a world of immense bliss. Inherent in each poetic verse is a glorious musical note, a resplendent painting, and a sight of nature dancing in the infinite universe.
The Jeweled Verses is a collection of timeless poems by celebrated Aulacese poets (such as Cung Tram Tuong, Doan Phu Tu, Hoang Ngoc Chau, Ho Dzenh, Huy Can, Luu Trong Lu, Nguy Ngu, Nguyen Sa, Nguyen Dinh Toan, Nguyen Duc Son, Pham Thien Thu, Quang Dung, Thai Can, and Tham Tam) who have offered the world their magnificent verses. In The Jeweled Verses, we will have the blessed opportunity to enjoy the gentle, silken and elegant reciting voice of Supreme Master Ching Hai. From these treasured verses of old, Supreme Master Ching Hai is sending Her eternal love to those souls that appreciate Truth, virtue and beauty, inspiring countless people to rediscover their inner source of Light.
Poetry and music are the sounds resonating from benevolent souls, although at times relaying sorrow and discontentment, grief and misery. Ultimately, poetry and music are forever a refreshing stream that nourishes humanity, nurturing dedicated spirits and noble ways of life. Conveyed through the genuine, heartfelt and loving reciting voice of Supreme Master Ching Hai, renowned poems of past eras are the refreshing stream that permeates the heart and soul of humanity, awakening the spirit within each of us, within those who are struggling in times of bleakness and bewildered in a turbulent century.

1.Tràng Giang Endless River

2.Buổi Sáng Học Trò An Innocent Morning

3.Áo Lụa Hà Đông A Silk Dress from Ha-Dong

4.Động Hoa Vàng The Grotto of Yellow Flowers

5.Ngập Ngừng Hesitaion

6.Mùa Thu Paris Autumn in Paris

7.Đôi Bờ The Two Shores

8.Tiễn Em Farewell My Love

9.Buồn Đêm Mưa Melancholy on a Rainy Night

10.Tương Tư Lovesick

11.Màu Thời Gian The Color of Time

12.Một Mùa Đông One Winter

13.Thơ Sầu Rụng Somber Verses

14.Anh Biết Em Đi... I know Yor're Leaving

15.Ngậm Ngùi A Touch of Melancholy

16.Vạn Lý Tình Long Distance Love

17.Đôi Mắt Người Sơn Tây Eyes of a Maiden from Son Tay

18.Mộng Bình Thường Simple Dream

19.Ngậm Ngải Tìm Trầm The Ever Elusive Fragrance

20.Qua Nhà Xưa A Visit to the House of the Past

21.Tống Biệt Hành Ode to a Farewell

22.Sài Gòn Saigon

23.Khi Em Về When You Return

24.Tình Mây Xưa For My Love

25.Ðộng Hoa Vàng The Grotto of Yellow Flowers

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