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What the hell


 With Her sweet, rich voice Master evokes Her feelings of love while living in the world, Her inner struggles during Her quest for the Truth, Her heartrending vow of renunciation and the divine grandeur of God's manifestation to Her. Master's singing is sometimes low and resonant, sometimes vibrant and spirited, and the profound sincerity of Her soul-stirring melodies instantly erases all secular thoughts in listeners, raising them to an ethereal realm.

1.Ngao Ngán What the hell

2.Dịu dàng bên nhau T-L-C,please

3.Người dựng địa đàng The man who recreated Eden

4.Thay người mộng substitution

5.Tình bằng hữu Friendship

6.Loài thú trong ta The animal in me

7.Gửi Đức Quốc To Germany

8.Từ nỗi buồn vong quốc On sadness over the loss of one's country

9.Việc nên làm Things to do

10.Hans Frühling Hans Fruhling

11.Tình sầu 1 Sorrowful love

12.Tình sầu2 Sorrowful love (new version)

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