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Dream in the night

 With Her sweet, rich voice Master evokes Her feelings of love while living in the world, Her inner struggles during Her quest for the Truth, Her heartrending vow of renunciation and the divine grandeur of God's manifestation to Her. Master's singing is sometimes low and resonant, sometimes vibrant and spirited, and the profound sincerity of Her soul-stirring melodies instantly erases all secular thoughts in listeners, raising them to an ethereal realm.

1.Tình yêu Love

2.Không ngờ V2 Je ne crois pas

3.Mơ đêm 1 Dream in the night

4.Tôi không biết I don't know

5.Từ khi quen nhau since we knew each other

6.Đừng quên nhau Forget me not

7.Ước nguyền My wish

8.Về bên nhau Return to my side

9.Được yêu người To be able to love you

10.Nếu đời vắng anh If there wasn't you in life

11.Mơ đêm 2 Dream in the night(new version)

12.Không ngờ V1 Je ne crois pas(new version)

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