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Please keep forever

Accompanied by flute, zither and drum, Master sang about the passions of the human emotions, of the longings and anguish in search of Tao, and of the divine revelations of God. Full of love and affection, Her rich voice and poetic melodies will purify and uplift the listeners into a higher realm of existence.

The " Please Keep Forever" contains the following poems: "A Saint", "Mandalay - Burma", "Seeing Master in a Dream", "My Wish", "Ten Thousand Buddhas - Pagan", "Nunhood" and " Spring Rhymes" (excerpted from "Wu Tzu Poems"). In these poems, Master expressed the transcendental state of a spiritual practitioner while meeting with the "Ultimate". In addition, this collects the heart-touching confessions of love stories at young age: "Please Keep Forever", "Return to Each Other", "Love Dream", " Missing You", " Reunion", " The Self-triumphed Hero"...etc. (excerpted from " Pebbles and Gold").

 Please Keep Forever
In the splendor of the summer sunlight, 
He appeared like the cool stream of Jade Brook! 
His power greater than the Himalayas' height, 
A boundless ocean of compassion in His eyes...
His smile made all creatures happy. 
I knelt down, forgetting all worldly languages! 
Looking up to His resplendent saintly body, 
I offered Him my heart tearfully. 
~ "A Saint" excerpted from "Wu Tzu Poems" ~
I lover of grand amour! 
From reincarnation and a thousand promises! 
Do you still remember, Our love lived before?... 
~ "Since We Knew Each Other" excerpted from "The Lost Memories" ~

1.Mandalay - Miến Điện    Mandalay-Burma       

2.Mộng tình     Love dream         

3.Người hùng tự thắng     The self-triumphed hero     

4.Người tình thiên cổ     Divine Beloved  

5.Nhớ      Missing you        

6.Tái ngộ       Reunion              

7.Tầm ngọc       The pearl searcher      

8.Tặng Nguyễn Đức Sơn     To Nguyen Duc Son   

9.Thánh nhân       A  Saint            

10.Tình bạc      A love withered   

11.Trong mộng gặp Thầy     Seeing Master in a dream    

12.Từ khi quen nhau         Since we knew each other  

13.Tùy ký         Chronicle          

14.Ước nguyền       My wish              

15.Vạn Phật Thành Pagan      Ten Thousand Buddhas-Pagan   

16.Vận xuân        Spring rhymes     

17.Về với nhau        Return to each other   

18.Xin giữ mãi        Please keep forever     

19.Xuất gia          Nunhood             

20.Vẫn dài lâu        Still Forever    

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