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A Path To Love Legends 1


Au Lac poetry is a very rich treasure. It has bred many well-known poets and poetic works that have won universal praise. The works of two poets, Vu Hoang Chuong and Dinh Hung, are especially loved by the Au Lac people. On a recent special occasion, Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly introduced some works of these well-known Au Lac poets and personally recited them. In order to satisfy the yearning of the public, the recitation has been specially made into three CD's. The process of making them has been time-consuming and has taken great skill. Furthermore, the cover designs are very delicate and artistic. Quietly listening to Supreme Master Ching Hai's poetry recitation, listeners not only will be able to be in tune with the spirit of the poets, but will also be touched and blessed with Her noble and elegant rising and falling voice; they can also enter the wonderful artistic world of poetry and be deeply moved. A Path To Love Legends -- CDs I, II, III-- is a precious artistic work of the poets, and also reflect Supreme Master Ching Hai's love for sentient beings. We would like to reverently introduce them to poem lovers.

                                                       1.Hoa Bay Về Ngàn     Flowers Cascading to the Forest

                                                       2.Hoài Niệm     Reminiscent

                                                       3.Hờn Giận     Resentment

                                                       4.Hờn Thặng Phấn     Futile Endeavors

                                                       5.Hướng Dương Lòng Nguyện     A Prayer for Peace

                                                       6.Lá Thư Ngày Trước     Love Letters from Golden Days

                                                       7.Lạc Hướng Mây Tần     Lost in the Distant Clouds


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